Jeff Grimal

Inspired by masters of fantasy and science-fiction such as Edgar Allan Poe, Isaac Asimov and H.P. Lovecraft, Jeff Grimal’s work has a strong pictural identity where a hypnotic and bewitching drawn world effloresces, reminding the early 20th century immersive and contemplative painting (Nicholas Roerich, Zdzisław Beksiński, H.R. Giger…). Jeff Grimal considers Art in an interdisciplinary way, by leading an artistic and a musical career simultaneously. Both of those aspects meet in Jeff’s work, when he creates cover and various artworks for underground rock and metal bands.

As he was taught to embrace the great masters technique, he keeps on working with his love for the line and his colors’ explosive spontaneity which you can find in his whole work, should it be figurative or abstract. His abyssal visions, mostly made from various shades of green and blue, sometimes reveal hints of crimson and brown ocre, inviting the viewer to a disturbing evasion. Jeff Grimal conceives outside of time, extraterrestrial worlds, making a link between secret elder civilisations and engulfed cities from the future, full of an unexplainable monstrosity